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811spotter Streamlines the 811-Ticketing Process for Excavators


In the multi-stakeholder 811 ticket ecosystem, protecting underground utility infrastructure requires each participant to use tools optimized for their business and role. For excavators, 811spotter improves internal processes and reduces costs while advancing outcomes for all stakeholders.

811spotter is a new 811 ticket management system designed for professional excavators. It combines organization, automation, and push notifications for instant visibility into ticket information, utility member responses, and documentation. This case study presents three companies that achieved positive business, safety, and damage prevention outcomes by integrating 811spotter into their daily operations.

By organizing and automating ticket management processes for excavators, 811spotter provides a range of excavating contractors with greater visibility into ticket information, utility member responses and excavation-centric documentation. 811spotter is currently deployed at 60 companies across California and Nevada (and is up-to-date with each state’s current regulations) and is actively expanding to additional states.

Tangible benefits by case study participants

Benefits realized by MGE Underground:

  • An average of 2,500 active monthly tickets under management
  • Automated ticket system complements the work of three employees
  • Yearly operational savings above $200k

Benefits realized by McGuire and Hester:

  • An average of 200 active monthly tickets under management
  • More time to focus on ensuring compliance with safety and damage prevention processes
  • The 811 process custodian can take vacation time without having to meticulously plan a temporary “hand-over” to another employee

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