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Annual Technology Survey and Member Input

As part of our goal to make CGA’s Technology Report an accurate snapshot of damage prevention technology usage, investment and goals, the Technology Committee solicited feedback from industry stakeholders.

In June 2022, the Technology Committee conducted a survey of CGA members focused on gaining insight into how stakeholders view the current state of damage prevention technology. The survey gathered input on the following:

  • Level of priority organizations place on technology
  • Technology categories members believe could have the biggest impact on damages
  • Technologies that should be included/added to the documentation of current technologies the Committee has compiled
  • Topics for future case study consideration

The responses revealed that while a 43% enthusiasm gap exists among respondents’ ranking of their company/organization’s highest priorities when comparing safety and technology/innovation, there is still a significant amount of momentum in the industry to apply technological solutions to damage prevention – particularly when it comes to efficiencies around locating and mapping. 

The survey also asked members to review a comprehensive list of technologies that will continue to be monitored and categorized as part of the annual review of damage prevention technology. Some members provided additional suggestions for technologies and/or categories for committee consideration as well as out-of-the box thinking on the future of technology.

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