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It is difficult to quantify both the substantive impact that technology has already had on damage prevention, and the unrealized potential of technology on damage prevention’s most persistent challenges. Now in its fifth year, the Technology Report’s vision is to become the industry’s record of progress and source of inspiration for new technologies and new applications of existing technologies in damage prevention. This year’s publication includes member input on the state of damage prevention technology, an introduction to CGA’s new digital Technology Hub, an outline of current technology barriers and opportunities, and eight industry case studies.

Industry case studies provide an opportunity for companies currently deploying new technology to share how they are addressing key damage prevention challenges. Because CGA does not promote or endorse any specific products, companies or vendors, the report focuses on the technologies and their applications to damage prevention. For this reason, the case studies are the only place where specific vendor or product names are mentioned.

In addition to the five Annual Technology Reports and 17 Annual DIRT Reports, CGA has issued several additional white papers and reports in recent years:

Technology is an area where these damage prevention initiatives and data-driven reports intersect. While still delivering on our original vision and goals, with this fifth annual CGA Technology Report we hope to connect the dots between technology and the other aspects of the damage prevention industry – whether it be locating, excavating, one call center operations, etc. – and the role of technology in the quest for zero damages.

Following brief summaries of eight case studies, CGA’s 2022 Technology Report speaks to the potential of technology integration and the rapid pace of technological development to address some of the damage prevention industry’s intersecting challenges. The Report also reviews documented barriers to the widespread usage of available technologies and identifies a new barrier rooted in conflicting business models and incentives among damage prevention stakeholders.

CGA’s Technology Committee concludes its 2022 Report with a reminder to the industry that technological solutions have the power to drive the next drastic reduction in damages to buried utilities if we can share the responsibility of addressing roadblocks.

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