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SAME PATH Trenchless Technology


Gas utility owners have been proactively identifying and addressing pipelines in need of replacement, and some have realized the benefits of trenchless technologies within their pipeline rehabilitation and replacement programs. Reduced excavation is often more economical and less disruptive to utility customers, and utilizing the existing conduit greatly reduces the risks associated with relocating the line. Replacing pipe in the same location eliminates future locating mistakes due to abandoned facilities. 

  • Following HammerHead Trenchless’ success using a “Same Path” pipe slitting/splitting technology (see Case Study 5 from the 2019 CGA Technology Report), a large North American gas utility approached them for a solution to replace numerous steel services, leading to the development of the SLX 1300 for copper and steel pipe extraction.
  • The extractor product was designed specifically for gas utilities to provide them with the cost-savings of ‘low-dig’ construction methods, the advantages of Same Path technology, and the efficiency to address multiple services in a given time frame.
  • The extractor unit requires a pit approximately 4’ by 4’ in size, located where the service connects to the main. The unit is lowered into the pit and connected to the hydraulic power pack at the surface from which it is operated. A cable is fed through the existing steel service from the machine to another access point. As the steel pipe and cable are extracted, the new pipe is being pulled into place in one seamless motion and extracted pipe can be cut using shears located on the extractor.

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