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Current Technologies

  • Geofencing -- virtual perimeter of geographic area
  • Aerial -- Planes, Helicopters, Unmanned Arial Vehicles [UAV], Drones, & Satellites
  • Sensor Fusion -- combining and comparing sensor information
  • 3D Radar Tomography (imaging by sections)
  • Asset Features Location and Mapping
  • Asset Visualization
  • Augmented Reality [A.R.] / Virtual Reality [V.R.] / 3D Visualization
  • Data Logging Devices -- using imagers and lasers
  • Earth Mover's Location
  • Elevation and Cartography Data 
  • High-resolution Aerial Imaging
  • Land and Aerial LIDAR surveys -- create accurate spatial models (point clouds) that digitize environments for computer manipulation and data storage
  • Laser Distance Finders
  • Real Time Kinematic [RTK]
  • Robotic Mapping Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)—mapping an unknown environment while keeping track of where the mapper is spatially within that environment
  • Total Stations 
  • Satellite Imagery 

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