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Technology Opportunities, aka Gaps in Damage Prevention

Each year, the Technology Committee identifies gaps in damage prevention technology. These gaps illustrate opportunities for technology development—a wish list of technology innovations to improve damage prevention to inspire stakeholders to innovate and create novel solutions. This year’s “wish list” includes the following:


  • Detecting and combining systems of excavation encroachment on pipelines or activity close to facilities/assets (cameras and fiber optic).


  • Locating non-metallic lines.
  • Locating and tracking abandoned facilities.
  • Mitigating signal bleed-over to non-target lines.
  • Updating GIS databases of record with accurate data of as buried during locate.


  • Mapping near misses and damage locations – collecting and enabling data sharing.
  • Providing positional data of current and abandoned facilities via “open” GIS systems or other centralized databases.
  • Mapping sewer assets through mainline inspections and associating location in the pipe with video of pipe condition.
  • Providing better GNSS signal strength in urban canyons and under tree cover.


  • Providing continued analysis of root causes of damages.
  • Predictive analytics/risk assessment to delay/clear low-risk tickets during volume spikes.

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