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Current Technologies

  • Geofencing -- virtual perimeter of geographic area
  • Satellite Imagery 
  • Artificial Intelligence [A.I.]
  • Automated Positive Response [APR]
  • Big Data Storage / Cloud Storage
  • Building Information Modeling [BIM]
  • Computer-Aided Design [CAD]
  • Data Collection
  • Data Management and Visualization
  • Electronic White-Lining 
  • Enhanced Positive Response [EPR] -- provides additional information back to excavator about the performed locate
  • Ticket Screening Software
  • Geospatial Information System [GIS]
  • Internet of Things [IoT]
  • One Call and Excavator Coordination Software
  • One Call Ticket Management
  • Predictive Analytics / Risk Assessment Tools
  • Workflow Coordination -- one party sharing costs with another by coordinating projects in the same area

Case Studies

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