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KCI Technologies - ProStar PointMan Solution


KCI adopted PointMan after conducting research into acquiring a system designed to effectively capture field sketches. Typically, field notes were either hand-drawn or CAD sketches, all based on visual field references. Best practices in Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) enables users to capture accurate GNSS locations and be able to capture accuracy and position metadata. The use of the custom data dictionary real-time data collection allows for quicker and reliable data capture as well as faster, more accurate record keeping, and helps clients reduce costs while giving a reliable data set with the ability to look through previous projects and compare data.

  • ProStar and KCI implemented a modern cloud and mobile utility mapping solution to improve the collection, storage, and visualization of survey-grade utility location information, and to provide a real-time automated bi-directional exchange of data between the field data collection devices and KCI’s existing GIS and CAD.
  • The ProStar Solution consists of two tightly integrated software products – a desktop application called PointMan® that is on the cloud and used to manage and display the data, and a mobile data collection and display application.
  • KCI’s field validation showed two main areas of improvement and efficiency: geospatial improvements including accuracy of one call data and reduction of construction delays; and cost reduction through fewer line strikes, ability to inform crews of real-time changes, and more.
  • PointMan has increased KCI’s field productivity by 1.5 hours to 7.5 hours of field productivity per day, yielding a potential productivity gain of $7,800 over 6 months for each locate field crew.

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